Orthotic guide 

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Foot orthotics (also known as foot orthoses) are a medical device that are inserted into shoes to improve foot and leg function. When prescribed by a podiatrist orthotics are individually designed to achieve one or more of the following goals: 

  • Facilitate optimal foot function and leg alignment

  • Correct or accommodate a foot deformity

  • Assist in rehabilitation of an injury

  • Reduce progression of a chronic foot condition


If you’re unsure how orthotics work under your feet, they are a bit like wearing eyeglasses, they reduce foot strain by bringing your feet back into alignment.


The process of being prescribed foot orthotics is outlined below, the first step is to book an appointment with a podiatrist to have a biomechanical assessment and gait analysis conducted.


If you have a private health fund that covers podiatry you may be eligible for a rebate on orthotics (corresponding codes below), please phone your provider if you have questions about your cover.

Gait analysis

Biomechanical Assessment & Gait Analysis

Health fund code: F118

A biomechanical assessment is an examination of the anatomical structures (joints, tendons, muscles, nerves etc) of the foot and lower leg. Your ‘gait’ is the way you walk or run. We use video technology to accurately evaluate your gait pattern. This assessment allows us to identify contributing factors to your foot or lower leg pain.


Once this overall picture is obtained a management plan will be devised that may include the recommendation of foot orthotics.

At Armidale Podiatry we offer two different types of orthotic devices:

3D foot scan

Orthotic Recommendation: Custom foot orthotics 

Health fund code: F221

Custom-made foot orthotics are manufactured individually for each patient from a 3D scan taken of each foot. Computerised design technology allows us to influence all design variables available in an orthotic device.

3D Foot Scanning

Health fund code: F304

Digital scanning allows an accurate, high resolution three-dimensional image to be captured of each foot. Which is then digitally stored for future reference.

Foot orthotics

Orthotic Recommendation: Modified prefabricated orthotics 

Health fund code: F240

Prefabricated foot orthotics are a pre-made device that is then modified to address biomechanical assessment findings. Being premade makes them a cheaper option. However, they are a larger device (making them difficult to fit into some footwear) and not as customisable. They can be a great option for kids that keep growing!

Orthotic fitting

Orthotic Fitting 

Health fund code: F010

When your orthotics are ready to be fitted into your footwear we will schedule a fitting appointment. Please bring a selection of your most worn shoes – work, casual, sport. Your podiatrist will assess you standing and walking with your new orthotics to check fit and most importantly comfort. At this appointment, wearing-in protocol will be discussed and advice given on orthotic care.

Ortotic review


Health fund code: F010

A review appointment is normally scheduled 2-4 weeks after your fitting appointment to make any modifications that are required.

orthotic summary


Biomechanical assessment & gait analysis


Orthotic recommendation

  • Custom foot orthotics

  • Modified prefabricated orthotics


Orthotic fitting